This page details the components of your account including statistics, customer stats, payments etc. We have described each bit of software in their own tutorial.

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This section shows a running statement of all your revenue and earnings. By clicking the "View" link on each row you can see a break down of all the activity and client spend.

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This section shows all of your paid invoices and any you have pending with Webstream. If an invoice is pending i.e. we have yet to transfer the money, it will show up as "Processing".

All paid invoices will have a paid date attached to them. To view any of these invoices simply click on the date and a new window will open in your browser showing you that invoice.

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This section lists all of your clients and how much they have spent on LiveCam, CallConnect, ClipStore, and Donations additionally, you can view your grand total.

The link at the top allows you to download them into an excel spreadsheet containing the username, name, email address and spend for each client which is great for marketing purposes.

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Twitter / Email

When clients sign up to use our software they have the option to receive email notifications. Email notifications are sent to clients whenever you go online or whenever you upload a new video.

When an email is sent to a client the default sending email address is "". You can personalize this by changing the "From Email Address" to your own email address. The email we send to clients will also contain a link to your website. Make sure you include your website address, otherwise we won't be able to send the emails.

If you are on Twitter you can connect your Twitter account. By linking your Twitter account we will post automatic tweets on your timeline every time you go online or upload a new video or picture set. Also every time a Tweet is posted out with regards to a new ClipStore video or PicStore photo set we will also include the poster/thumbnail you chose for that video clip or photo set..

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Analytic is a great tool to see how you are performing on a weekly/monthly basis. Our system generates visual line graphs to display your earnings in a clean and easy to understand way.

Analytic also provides stats based on date ranges for the following:

• Number of logins
• How long you've been online
• Number of tips
• Time on Group Chat and time in Private chat
• Total videos uploaded
• Total video sales
• Total donations
• Total phone chat minutes
• Total unanswered calls
• Total earnings

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